Drying Equipment Manufacturer

From the flash dryer to the centrifugal spray dryer, we have them all! LEMAR Drying Engineering is a Chinese manufacturer of industrial drying equipment. Our flagship products include the peddle dryer, vibrating fluid bed dryer, belt dryer, rotary kiln dryer, conical vacuum dryer, adjustable spray dryer, and the wet granulator. Our annual output capacity for each type of product exceeds 300 sets. These high-performance machines have found extensive applications within industries such as food, medicine, and chemical engineering. Years of experience have refined our drying technology for materials including seaweed, stevioside, citric acid, egg powder, albumen powder, yeast liquid, high polymer material, wood chip, and fermentation broth.

    1. LPG Centrifugal Spray Dryer

      It can transform solution, emulsion, paste, suspended emulsion and other liquid materials to powdery or granulated solid materials. Hence, with this ideal drying machine

    1. XSG Spin Flash Dryer

      By integrating the advantages of spin flash drying, it boasts rational technological structure and predominant service performances, indeed realizing low consumption and high efficiency.

    1. ZLG Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

      Fluidization is stable, and dead space or blow-through phenomenon won't happen. Final product moisture and output can be controlled by means of amplitude and feeding quantity adjustment.

    1. DW Belt Dryer

      It is especially fit for drying flake, strip and granule shaped materials with good air permeability. For caky and pasty materials, drying is available after they are pelletization or extrusion molded.

    1. HZG Rotary Drum Dryer

      It is mainly composed of main kiln, gearing, cooling pipe, fuel system, electrical control system, secondary inlet air device, exhaust and dedusting device, as well as pre-sintering kiln.

    1. SZG Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer

      The SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer is designed to dry free-flowing materials that are brittle. Heat is transferred to materials through jacketed vessel wall

    1. YPG Pressure Nozzle Spray Dryer

      The YPG pressure nozzle spray dryer is provided with drying and pelletizing functions. It produces liquid feedstock into spherical particles as desired by adjusting feed pump pressure, flow rate and orifice size.

    1. XF Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer

      Clean hot air enters fluid bed under distribution of valve plate, which then transforms water wet materials entering from feeder into fluidized materials. These materials move inside the fluid bed just like boiling water.